What is a cargo bike?

Quite simply a bicycle which has been built to carry cargo. Of course any bike can carry stuff, but cargo bikes have been designed with larger load areas, lower gears, better brakes to make hauling cargo a pleasure and not a chore. In particular their frame geometry is what differentiates them from a mountain bike with a back rack stuck on it. This geometry is the secret to a sweet riding cargo bike.
Our bikes typically have chain guards, mud guards and comfortable seats to provide a civilised alternative to using the car.
Drop in and try one.

Do you service bikes?

Yes we do. Any kind of servicing can be done in our workshop. Rob our senior engineer is qualified to build and true wheels as well as service all types of hub gears and drum brakes. Of course we can help with the latest disc brake and derailleur technology too.
Punctures? No problem - in fact you can fix it; we'll show you how.

How long do I have to wait before receiving my Rodford?

We try to stock the full range of classic models so you can just pick one up. Custom builds take about 6 weeks from order to delivery.

Made in the U.K - really?

Yes that's right, we use locally sourced components and materials and build the frames ourselves in the workshop. We manufacture some of the smaller components on our machine tools, and frames are TIG and MIG welded on site. Come and have a workshop tour, the kettle is on.

Do you sell other bikes?

We try to stock a few of the leading cargo bike brands so you can choose what suits you best.
Sorry but we don't stock racing or sports bikes.

Do you sell components and spares

Yes, but like our bikes they are focused on the cargo and transport sector of the market. We stock lighting systems, racks, tyres, handlebars, saddles and more. Head over to our webshop to see the full range. We try to ship all web purchases the same day (within reason).

Do you like cakes?

Yes we do and anyone who brings a cake will earn themselves a cuppa.

Where are you?

We are in the hamlet of Rodford, just outside Westerleigh village, near Bristol. Put BS37 8QF into your satellite navigator. Give us a call on 07801 150727 and we can guide you in.