Boxbikes, .....actual boxbikes...with some bits on....

Today, 13th Jan 2017 we began to build up our production model boxbike, it will be ready to be test riden in a few weeks, pics of the built up bikes will be posted with a final spec very soon. Sneak peeks can be found on instagram and our facebook page..
There will be 6 week lead times and a choice of standard colours plus the option of your custom colour for an additional fee...10 speed Zee and Alfine options. Possibly a drum braked 8 speed version too...Short and long versions 400mm and 600mm respectively. Versatile load, deck and a flight box style too for delivery bikes.     

These are hand-built bikes, designed here, assembled and welded here...Ecoated and painted locally and put together and ridden can soon visit and take a test ride.

This is a UK Cargobike to challenge the established brands...fresh and versatile. It's good, and it can only get better,